Monday, April 13, 2015

59 days to go and still going strong!

This last week I was able to get together with some of the other moms who have their sons serving with Zach. Four of the eight of the moms that were there have their sons coming home the same day at the Salt Lake City Airport. So fun!!! It was so much fun to get to know them better and we missed those mom's that we couldn't get a hold of and also those who live in a different state. Friends for life!!!


Elder Lamb is still going strong! Finish to the end!! We are so happy that he has been able to share the gospel with the people of Honduras! He will miss that little country so much!
Here are a few pics of his P-Day last week. They had the opportunity to visit one of the recent converts in their branch to milk cows and help out on the farm.

Zach and his companion with their district on PDay. Yes... Its all sisters. We love our sister missionaries! They rock!

 This is the man who owns the farm where they went for pday.  He is a recent convert. Such a nice man.

Zach on a bridge. :)

Selfie with his district in the background !

Zach just waiting for his turn to milk the cows.

Zach and his companion! They are having a blast being companions.

Loving the coconut milk!!!

Now its finally his turn to milk the cow. It's really working!! lol

In the beautiful fields of Honduras, Mezapa

His district!
I am positive that Zach will miss this beautiful country!

Walk tall!!! Love this missionary! What a great example of the gospel he is to so many!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

77 Days left !!! WHAT??? Time Flew by...... and obviously the blogging kind of got left behind for a while! OOPS!

So... yes its been a while since the last post but life kind of got in the way ... and I lost my charger to my lap top. Thanks to my grandson, Crew, for finding it!!! So much has happened in the last few months so for fear of me not getting all the info correct... I will mainly post lots of pics (hopefully in the right order). I'm posting from oldest to newest so bare with me as I do this humungous post! :)
September 2014
Celebrating at a restaurant! Super fun!

This is transfer day when Elder Mansilla and Elder Lamb will be getting new companions. Elder Killpack is in the middle. He will be trained by Elder Mansilla so Elder Lamb called him his "grandchild". Because he trained Elder Mansilla and now Elder Mansilla is training someone else. haha

 This is Elder Oliveira from Rio, Brazil. He and Zach had a blast speaking Portuguese to one another....So he says! LOL
This is a parade that they had in their area. That is Elder Shepherd from Centerville on Zach's left.
And this is why our sons and daughters go out on their missions!! They sacrifice two years of their lives so that they can teach and invite others to have the same joy! They leave so they can invite others to come unto Christ and have the knowledge that they need to share with their friends and families so their families can be together forever!!! I love these pictures of these baptisms!

Not sure of the dates of these pics mostly because I am trying to fumble through my saved pics to put them in order, and also because Elder Lamb didn't put descriptions of what the photos were about and when they were! haha But I will try my best :)
Elder Lamb has sure had fun getting to know other Americans on the mission. He has met some pretty cool guys! Mission friends=Friends for life!
So as missionaries..... you just gotta have some extra fun while doing the work right????
 Zach and his companion just happened to "jump" into the bathtub where they wash there clothes! So disgusting! Looks like they had fun!
 Fishing in the streets in Honduras during the rainy season!!
Ok so.... how many times have I told him NO PLAYING BALL IN THE HOUSE? Well, he said it was a tape ball so its not a real one! haha. This kid LOVES his golf! Cant wait to play with his brothers and dad when he gets home in June!!!


Another fun PDay! Cool shirts they got!

 Do not go in the water!! In his words, "This was sketchy!!"
More fun with Elders!
Activity day with the missionaries

Elder Lamb just checking on the Elders houses in his zone to replace all the smoke detectors!

Disgusting shower!!! This is NOT his! He was doing visits in his zone to make sure everyones houses were good...... I wouldn't even enter this bathroom!

Zone Conference with President and Sister Klein......
 .......Pizza Hut afterwards
This is Elder Lamb and Elder Guzman. These two were zone leaders together for only a short time but had the greatest experiences together.

This is Elder Hancock (from Arizona) and Elder Lamb. They went into the MTC together and will go home at the same time too. Great friends!!!
 This is at a Zone Leader's conference with other zone leaders in the mission. And also Elder Tax (Elder Lamb's former companion) who is an AP.

I am so grateful for all the members below who have done so many things to help my boy adapt to the mission.  Members are so important for these missionaries who leave their families. I know there are so many more who have helped him. Some have taken him to Wendy's when he hasn't eaten for a few days and others who have cooked for him everynight and those that have helped in the progression of missionary work.  Thank you to all!

Happy Birthday Elder Lamb!!! The BIG 20!!!

This suit is all he wanted for his birthday! So I put money in his account and he had this Honduran suit made by a very talented tailor! He was so happy!!!
Baleada time!!! This sweet sister in their ward taught Zach and his companion how to make tortillas! And as you can tell, it takes a lot of hard work.........
 Look at his back..... gross! He looks so intense......
Thank you for teaching my son how to make dough for tortillas sweet sister.........
Merry Christmas 2014!!!! Time has flown by so quickly!!! I love all of these pictures! It captures a little of how they celebrate Christmas!


You can never have enough food when Elders are concerned! LOL He could eat aaaaalllll daaaay looong!!! Unfortunately there are some areas where he didn't or doesn't get enough so when he does get fed.......  he eats a ton!!! :)


When Zach and Elder Guzman were companions, they got to go to Tela on the beach for Pday. Look at these amazing sand animals that this guys makes on the beach!!!.......................


So Zach is addicted to this stupid spray candy from the gas stations! When he was little he would always get candy! His dad absolutely always thought is was such a waste of money....... so when Zach found this spray at a gas station he had to buy some and take a pic for his dad!!!

 I think the people of Honduras are so beautiful! I love that he takes lots and lots of pics for the blog!


So this is Zachs Zone on their way for a fun pday outing!........

Unfortunately and fortunately their bus broke down near a tire/auto shop so while it was getting fixed they had time to take pics and talk with some kids and hang out!
 Seriously..... the cutest kids in the world are in Honduras....:)
This was a service project that Zach and his companion did for someone! I think he did an amazing job building this by hand! Very impressive!!!
One of Elder Lamb's companions probably around October.... Remember?... I am just trying to piece this together. LOL I think I'm doing pretty good so far.

Okay... so now I am current with my pics!! yay!!!!
This is Zach and his companion.
 WOW! What a view!!!!!

This is Bessy! This is his first baptism in a river! Pretty cool! What a great experience!

They don't just ride horses in Honduras....... They ride bulls!!! LOL

This is the face of a very HAPPY missionary!!!! .....What a goof!

Okay... so I finally finished this blog post! It only took me about 10 hours to complete because of saving photos and re-reading emails....... A little bit of advice.... DON'T procrastinate! I just love this boy! Can't wait to see him in 77 days!!!!!!!